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AUBG Faculty Bibliography: Todorova, Tamara

Tamara Todorova

Associate Professor (ECO)

Office: BAC 303

Phone: +359 73 888 477



Todorova, T. (2020). Multinational corporations and transaction costs. KSP Books.

Todorova, T. (2010). Problems book to accompany mathematics for economists. Wiley-Blackwell.

Book Chapters

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Todorova, T. (1998). Computer crime and business organizations. In Economic mechanism in the conditions of an inflationary economy (pp. 39-57). Икономически Университет Варна [Varna University of Economics, Publishing House].

Journal Articles

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Working Papers

Todorova, T. (2016). Some efficiency aspects of monopolistic competition: Innovation, variety and transaction costs (EconStor Preprints No. 148367).

Vasilev, A., & Todorova, T. (2016). Some transaction cost effects of authoritarian management (EconStor Preprints No. 145297). Leibniz.

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Conference Proceedings

Todorova, P. (2015). Some efficiency aspects of monopolistic competition: Innovation, variety and transaction.  In Proceedings of the “Innovations in the Economy” Conference, New Bulgarian University. Sofia.

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