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AUBG Faculty Bibliography: Modern Languages and Arts

About MLA Department

Delight and Instruct: Sharpen your skills and feed your soul with the MLA department

The Department of Modern Languages and Arts offers a variety of language and fine arts classes and two minor programs. AUBG students can learn Bulgarian, French, German, and Spanish either as a new language or expand their linguistic skills, as well as explore the cultures associated with these languages. Students can also tap into their artistic side with theoretical and applied fine arts courses, such as music and drawing.

We invite all AUBG students to take advantage of the breadth of experiences we offer, both through our general education courses (Textual Analysis, Social and Cultural Analysis, and Aesthetic Expression modes of inquiry)  and through our minor programs. MLA is home to the Fine Arts minor and the minor in Modern Languages and Cultures. 

The MLA department courses and programs are more than just coursework!

Students can join AUBG’s award-winning choir, exhibitions, artistic performances, festivals, the annual Language and Culture Week, movie nights in Bulgarian, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese, etc. The MLA Faculty organize workshops, competitions, academic projects, trainings and conferences, invite guest lecturers from all around the world, and go on field trips with their students.