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AUBG Faculty Bibliography: Dalakov, Peter

Petar Dalakov

Assistant Professor (MSc)

Office: BAC 317

Phone: +359 73 888 498


Journal articles

Dalakov, P. (2017). Lectures on Higgs moduli and abelianisation. Journal of Geometry and Physics, 118, 94–125.

Dalakov, P. (2016). Meromorphic Higgs bundles and related geometries. Journal of Geometry and Physics, 109(2), 44–67.

Dalakov, P. (2014). On the L-infinity description of the Hitchin map. Rendiconti dell’Istituto Di Matematica dell’Universita Di Trieste, 46(1), 1–17.

Bruzzo, U., & Dalakov, P. (2014). Donagi–Markman cubic for the generalized Hitchin system. International Journal of Mathematics, 25(2), 1450016.

Dalakov, P. (2011). A universal family of deformations for the uniformising Higgs bundle

Dalakov, P., & Ivanov, S. (2001). Harmonic spinors of the Dirac operator of connection with Torsion in dimension four. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 18(2), 253–263.


Dalakov, P. (2008). Higgs bundles and opers. University of Pennsylvania.

Dalakov, P. (2000). Eigenvalue estimates for the Dirac operator of connections with Torsion. Sofia University.

Conference Proceedings

Dalakov, P. (2018). On the work of Maryam Mirzakhani. In Proceedings of the 47th Spring Conference of the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians (pp. 48-58). Borovets, Bulgaria.