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AUBG Faculty Bibliography: Stoytchev, Orlin

Orlin Stoytchev

Emeritus Professor (MSc)

  Stoytchev, Orlin

  BAC 309

  +359 73 888 483



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Journal Articles

Stoytchev, O. (2022, September). On efficient presentations of the groups PSL (2, m). International Journal of Group Theory, 11(3), 131-150.

Stoytchev, O. (2017, January). From Foucault’s Pendulum to the Gauss–Bonnet theorem.

Hajdini, I., & Stoytchev, O. (2016, July). The fundamental group of SO(n) via quotients of braid groups.

Stoytchev, O. (2009). A note on topologically trivial braids.

Stojanoska, V., & Stoytchev, O. (2008). Touching the Z2 in three-dimensional rotations. Mathematics Magazine, 81(5), 345-357.

Stoytchev, O. (2007). Modular conjugation and the implementation of supersymmetry. Letters in Mathematical Physics, 79(3), 235-249.

Stoytchev, O. (2002). Irreducible representations of a class of current algebras of Etingof and Frenkel. Letters in Mathematical Physics, 61(1), 51-61.

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Dobrev, V., & Stoytchev, O. (1986). Structural analysis and elementary representations of SL(4,R) and GL(4,R) and their covering groups. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 27(4), 883-899.

Palev, T. D., & Stoytchev, O. (1982). Finite-dimensional representations of the lie superalgebra sl(1,n). Доклади на БАН [Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgare des Sciences], 35, 733-736.

Palev, T. D., & Stoytchev, O. (1982). Typical representations of the lie superalgebra sl(1,n). Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, E5-82-54.

Conference Proceedings

Stoytchev, O. (2016). Binary symmetry groups of polytopes as quotients of braid groups. In International Conference Groups and Rings “Theory and Applications”.

Stoytchev, O. (2016). Central extensions of finite groups from braid groups. In AUBG 10th Annual Student Faculty Research Conference “Fellowship of the Mind”.

Stoytchev, O. (2009). Three-dimensional rotations: A mathematical playground. In Annual Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America.

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Jaffe, A., & Stoytchev, O. (1990). The modular group and super-KMS functions (Short communication). Lecture Notes in Physics, 375, 382-384.