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AUBG Faculty Bibliography: Mandrik, Carter A.

Carter A. Mandrik

Associate Professor (BUS)

  Mandrik, Carter

  MB 213

  +359 73 888 452



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Journal Articles

Essiz, O., Yurteri, S., Mandrik, C. A., & Senyuz, A. (2023). Exploring the value-action gap in green consumption: Roles of risk aversion, subjective knowledge, and gender differences. Journal of Global Marketing, 36(1), 67-92. DOI: 10.1080/08911762.2022.2116376.

Essiz, O., & Mandrik, C. A. (2021). Intergenerational influence on sustainable consumer attitudes and behaviors: Roles of family communication and peer influence in environmental consumer socialization. Psychology & Marketing, 39(1), 5-26.

Ekici, A., Shiri, A., & Mandrik, C. A. (2018). The message in the box: How exposure to money affects charitable giving. Marketing Letters, 29(2), 137-149.

Mandrik, C. A., Bao, Y., & Wang, S. (2018). A cross-national study of intergenerational influence: US and PRC. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 35(1), 91-104.

Mandrik, C. A., Fern, E. F., & Bao, Y. (2005). Intergenerational influence: Role of conformity to peers and communication effectiveness. Psychology & Marketing, 22, 813-832.

Coupey, E., Brinberg, D., & Mandrik, C. A. (2000). Internet-based consumption and the quality of life of rural communities. Quarterly Journal of Electronic Commerce, 1(1).

Conference Proceedings

Mandrik, C. A., & Bao, Y. (2005). Exploring the concept and measurement of general risk aversion: An empirical investigation. In G. Menon & A. Rao (Eds.), Advances in Consumer Research, Vol.32 (531-539). Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research.

Bao, Y., & Mandrik, C. A. (2004). Discerning store brand users from value conscious consumers: The role of prestige sensitivity and need for cognition. In B. E. Kahn & M. F. Luce (Eds.), Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 31 (707-712). Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research.

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