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AUBG Faculty Bibliography: Erdinc, Didar

Didar Erdinc

Professor (ECO)

Office: BAC 310

Phone: +359 73 888 486


Book Chapters

Erdinç, D. (2013). Monetary transmission and bank lending channel under the currency board: The case of Bulgaria, 1999-2010. In Y. Nishiyama (Ed.), Monetary Policy: Roles, forecasting and effects (pp. 161–192). Nova Science Publishers.

Erdinç, D. (2002). Economic situation of Turks and Pomaks during Bulgarian transition. In C. H. Guzel, K. Cicek, & S. Koca (Eds.), Turkler (Vol. 20, pp. 394-400). Yeni Turkiye Publications.

Journal Articles

Erdinç, D., & Mitic, L. (2019). Foreign Bank Penetration and Bank Lending Channel in Emerging and Developing Countries, 2000-2014. Eurasian Journal of Economics and Finance, 7(2), 1-18.

Erdinç, D., & Gurov, A. (2016). The effect of regulatory and risk management advancement on non-performing loans in European banking, 2000–2011. International Advances in Economic Research, 22(3), 249–262.

Erdinç, D., & Milovanska, S. (2015). The Dutch disease, financial development and economic growth in the manufacturing sector: A comparative analysis between Norway and the United Kingdom. Journal of International Finance and Economics, 15(1), 45–66.

Erdinç, D., & Abazi, E. (2014). The determinants of NPLs in emerging Europe, 2000-2011. Journal of Economics and Political Economy, 1(2), 112–125. 

Erdınç, D. (2010). Does a credit boom increase bank fragility?: Transitional challenges in Bulgarian banking, 1999-2008. Eastern European Economics, 48(3), 68-87.

Erdınç, D. (2009). From credit crunch to credit boom: Transitional challenges in Bulgarian banking (1999-2006). Problems and Perspectives in Management, 7(1), 152-165.

Erdınç, D. (2003). Bank performance and credit availability in the Bulgarian banking sector, 1997-2001. Journal of East-West Business, 9(3-4), 137-161.

Erdınç, D. (1999). Currency board alone in no panacea for Bulgarian economy. American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria Magazine, 33(9).

Conference Proceedings

Gurov, A., & Erdinc, D. (2014). Competition and risk management practices in the Bulgarian banking system. In International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Conference (IIBA 2014), July 16-19, 2014, (pp. 79–80). Istanbul: Turkey.

Erdinç, D., & Zankina, E. (2013). Only an EU Apart: Bulgarian-Turkish economic and political relations in the post-accession period. In A. Lőrincz (Ed.), The Balkans Dialogue: Conflict Resolution and EU Accession Politics in the Balkans and Turkey (pp. 273–292). Budapest: Institute for Cultural Relations Policy.

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Erdınç, D., & Greenberg, E. (2001). Corporate culture in transition: Survey evidence from Bulgaria. In International Conference Proceedings. Istanbul: Turkey.

Book Review

Erdınç, D. (2008). [Review of the book The economic performance of the European Union: Issues, trends and policies, by A. Rusek, L. Lacina, & J. Fidrmuc].