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AUBG Faculty Bibliography: Sardamov, Ivelin

Ivelin Sardamov

Associate Professor (PE)

Office: BAC 321

Phone: +359 73 888 495



Sardamov, I. (2017). Mental penguins the neverending education crisis and the false promise of the information age. (1st ed.). John Hunt Publishing. 

Sardamov, I., & Phillips, R. (2011). Power and liberty in the modern state: А reader (1st ed.). Paradigma.

Book Chapter

Sardamov, I. (1996). Mandate of history: Serbian national identity and ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia. In J. C. Micgiel (Ed.), State and nation building in East Central Europe: Contemporary perspectives (pp. 17-37). Columbia University.

Journal Articles

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Book Review

Sardamov, I. (1998). [Review of the book Triumph of the lack of will: International diplomacy and the Yugoslav war, by James Gow]. Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 4(4), 133-34.