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AUBG Faculty Bibliography: Mullen, Filitsa

Filitsa Mullen - In Memoriam

Assistant Professor (LAT)



Edited Book

Krotev, H. (2011). Bulgarian folk music for foreigners [F. Mullen, Ed.]. Bolid Ins.

Book Chapters

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (2016). Bulgaria. In O. Kruse, M. Chitez & B. Rodriguez (Eds.), Exploring European writing cultures. Country reports on genres, writing practices and languages used in European higher education. (Working Papers in Applied Linguistics 10) (pp. 36–53). ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics.

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (2012). Introduction to greetings to Dickens. In E. Mirazchiyska (Ed.), Greetings to Dickens. 15 Christmas Stories. Scalino.

Sofianou-Mullen, F., & Mullen, J. W. (2012). Critical thinking, critical writing in composition courses at the American University in Bulgaria. In J. McDougal & K. Kleypas (Eds.), The American-style university at large: Transplants, outposts, and the globalization of higher education (pp. 257–270). Rowman and Littlefield.

Journal Articles

Mullen, F. (2004). Towards a definition of American education: A difference to be preserved? Association of American International Colleges and Universities Journal, 3, 72-76.

Conference Proceedings

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (2013). Cosmic event and death in William Blake’s book of Urizen [In Bulgarian] [Event and immortality in literature, language, and philosophy]. In Сборник доклади от международна научна конференция. Факултет по славянски филологии Софийски университет „Св. Климент Охридски” (13–14 май 2011) (pp. 400–406). София: Университетско издателство „Св. Климент Охридски“.

Mullen, F. (2011). The poetry of Ivan Lalic: New myths. In Proceedings of the Student Teacher Research Conference. Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

Mullen, F. (2010). Writing, writing centers, and the politics of education. In Proceedings of the European Writing Centers Association Conference “Crossing national boundaries and linguistic borders: (Re)thinking and (Re)situating the writing center and WAC connection in Europe and beyond”. Paris, France.

Mullen, F. (2009). Critical thinking, critical writing and the new academic discourse: An instance of cultural imperialism. In Linguistics Colloquium. Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Mullen, F. (2006). Re-mythifying the self: The politics of identity in Ismail Kadare’s The palace of dreams, Milorad Pavic’s Landscape painted with tea, and Orhan Pamuk’s Snow. In Conference on Reinventions of Identity in the Balkans. Istanbul, Turkey.

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Creative Works

Софиану-Мълен, Ф. (2015). XXIV. (Семки).

Софиану-Мълен, Ф. (2015). XХIX. (Terminus).

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (2014). Prophetikon. A Poetic Journal. L. Terziev (Ed.). Scalino.

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (2013). Кралски погребален марш и икономика [Royal death march and economy]. Литературен Вестник, 15.

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (2001-2002). Voices from the attic. Creative Writing Society of the American College of Thessaloniki. 

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (2012). Nanostory (untitled). #Tweet_Stories

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (2012). Orizontas. Short story [In Greek]. OneStory (Online Literary Magazine)

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (2012). Three poems from Prophetikon (“VIII. (Golgotha or the Ascent)”, “(XIII. Marriage)”, and “XVI. (Intimations of Mortality 2012)”). Fly in the Head: AUBG’s Literary Magazine.

Sofianou-Mullen, F. (n.d.). “Ερωτικό 1”, “Αποκτήματα”, “Κύκλοι”. Three poems in Greek. Online Magazine


Софиану-Мълен, Ф. (2015). Стихотворението живее, защото има читатели (интервю).

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