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APA Referencing Style : Web Content

The aim of this guide is to present concisely the basic rules for citing various types of resources in APA Referencing Style (7th edition).



Reference list format

Author, A. (Year). Title of work. Site name. URL

Name of Group. (Date). Title of work. Site Name. Retrieved Date, from URL

  • Author/s of the document or information – individual or organization/corporate author.
  • Give the exact date of  posting; If no date is available use (n.d.).
  • Title of the document or webpage, in italics.
  • Describe the format in brackets only if it’s something out of the ordinary such as blog post or lecture notes, otherwise it’s not necessary.
  • Complete and correct web address/URL. URLs are no longer preceded by “Retrieved from,” unless a retrieval date is needed.
  • The website name is included, unless it’s the same as the author.
  • Cite webpage only if no other reference category fits and there is no parent publication (journal, blog, conference proceedings).


Webpage on a news website

Reference list format:

Avramova, N. (2019, January 3) The secret to a long, happy, health life? Think age-positive. CNN. https://xxxxx

In-text citation:

(Avramova, 2019)

Website in general

In-text citation

Kidspsych is a wonderful interactive website for young children (

Note: When referring to a website in general, but not specific information on a web page or web document, give the website address in-text only, do not include it in the reference list.

Webpage (group author)

Reference list format:

World Health Organization. (2018, March). Questions and answers on immunization and vaccine safety. https://xxxxx

Note: When the author and the site name are the same, omit the site name.

In-text citation:

(World Health Organization, 2018)

Webpage (individual author)

Reference list format:

Herrington, M. (2019, October 11).  5 nonfiction bricks worth adding to your personal collection. Book Riot.

In-text citation:

(Herrington, 2019)

Webpage (no date)

Reference list format:

Felsh, R. (n.d.). How to write plain English? Writing Guide. https://xxxxx

In-text citation:

(Felsh, n.d.)

Webpage with a retrieval date

Reference list format:

U.S. Census Bureau. (n.d.). U.S. and world population clock. U.S. Department of Commerce. Retrieved uly 3, 2019, from https://xxxxx

In-text citation:

(U.S. Census Bureau, n.d.)

Note: Retrieval date is necessary because the contents of the page can change over time and the page is not archived.

Website / Reference format

Social Media

Social media websites in general:

  • Cite original content only.
  • Include text of social media post up to the first 20 words.
  • Do not alter spelling and capitalization.

Social media

Twitter post 

Reference list entry:

APA Education [@APAEducation]. (2018, June 29). College students are forming mental-health clubs - and they're making a difference. @washingtonpost [Thumbnail with link attached] [Tweet]. Twitter. https://xxxxx

In-text citation:

(APA Education,2018)

Twitter profile

Reference list entry:

APA Style [@APA_Style]. (n.d.). Tweets [Twitter profile]. Twitter. Retrieved November 1, 2019, from https://xxxxx

In-text citation:

(APA Style, n.d.)

Note: Provide a retrieval date because the contents of the page change over time.

To create reference to one of the other tabs in the profile, use "Lists" or "Moments" instead of "Tweets".

Facebook post

Reference list entry:

National Institute of Mental Health. (2018, November 28). Suicide affects all ages, genders races and ethnicities. Check out these 5 Action Steps for Helping Someone in Emotional Pain. [Infogpaphic]. Facebook. https://xxxxx

Gaiman, N. (2018, March 22). 100, 000+ Rohingya refugees could be at a serious risk during Bangladesh's monsoon season. My fellow UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Cate Blanchet is [Image attached] [Status update]. Facebook. https://xxxxx

In-text citation:

(National Institute of Mental Health, 2018)

(Gaiman, 2018)

Note: If status update includes images, videos, thumbnail links to outside sources, indicate this in square brackets.

Facebook page

Reference list entry:

National Institute of Mental Health. (n.d.). Home. [Facebook page] Facebook. Retrieved July 22, 2019, from https://xxxxx

In-text citation:

(National Institute of Mental Health, n.d.)


Reference list entry:

APA Style [@officialapastyle]. (2018, December 5). Welcome to the official Instagram for #APAStyle! We’re here to help you with your APA Style questions [Photographs]. Instagram. https://xxxxx

In-text citation:

(APA Style, 2018)


Blog post

Stafford, T. (2018, January 3). The backfire effect is elusive. Mind Hacks.

Note: Do not italicize the title.

Video blog post:

Rojek, H. (2018, February 19). Stress and anxiety in nursing school: How to be in control.

Note: Italicize the title.


PDF file available online

Ministry of Health. (2010). Customary tattooing guidelines for operators. /moh.nsf/pagesmh/10068/$File/customary-tattooing-guidelines-for-operators-apr2010v2.pdf

PowerPoint slides available online

Sontheimer, R. (2009). Changes in APA formatting: APA 6th edition [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from