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This guide is intended for students interested in psychology, who are doing research for assignments, projects and other works.

Selected Books

A history of psychology in ten questions / M. Hyland.

This student-friendly book on the history of psychology covers the key historical developments and controversies in all areas of psychology, linking history to the present by focusing on ten conceptual issues that are relevant today. How did psychology become a science, and what kind of science did it become? 

What doesn't kill you : fifteen stories of survival / edited by Elitsa Dermendzhiyska.

In this essay collection, writers share the struggles that have shaped their lives loss, depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, identity and others. But as they take you on a journey to the darkest recesses of their mind, the authors grapple with challenges that haunt us all.

The tokens : 11 lessons to help build the foundation of success and find your path to greatness / Dr. G. S. Reid and J. Levitan.

The Tokens tells the fascinating story of Eric, a skilled craftsman and builder. During the course of his business journey, Eric struggles to take his burgeoning company to the next level. A chance encounter introduces him to Carl, a retired multimillionaire. 

Your Happiness Was Hacked / V. Wadhwa and A. Salkever.

Technology: your master, or your friend? Do you feel ruled by your smartphone and enslaved by your e-mail or social-network activities? Digital technology is making us miserable, say bestselling authors and former tech executives Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever. This readable book turns personal observation into a handy action guide to adapting to our new reality of omnipresent technology.

The Wiley international handbook of correctional psychology / edited by D. L. L. Polaschek, A. Day, C. R. Hollin. ebook

The Handbook explores the foundations of correctional psychology and contains information on the history of the profession, the roles of psychology in a correctional setting and examines the implementation and evaluation of various interventions.

Upstream : the quest to solve problems before they happen / D. Heath.

This book probes the psychological forces that push us downstream--including 'problem blindness,' which can leave us oblivious to serious problems in our midst. And Heath introduces us to the thinkers who have overcome these obstacles and scored ... victories by switching to an upstream mindset.

Lifestyle gurus : constructing authority and influence online / S. A. Baker and C. Rojek.

The rise of blogs and social media has facilitated an industry of self-appointed 'lifestyle gurus' who have become instrumental in the management of intimacy and social relations. Baker and Rojek trace the rise of lifestyle influencers in the digital age, relating this development to the erosion of trust in the expert-professional power bloc

Psychology : the basics / R. Reber.

This compact introduction is the ideal primer for anyone looking for an accessible overview of the basic principles of psychology, the fascinating science of mind and behavior. Psychology: The Basics introduces everyday explanations of behavior, considering them through a psychological lens.

Critical thinking in psychology / edited by R. J. Sternberg, D. F. Halpern.

Good scientific research depends on critical thinking at least as much as factual knowledge; psychology is no exception to this rule. This book shows students and researchers how to think critically about key topics such as experimental research, statistical inference, case studies and ethical judgments. 

Change Your World: How Anyone, Anywhere Can Make a Difference

Maxwell and Hoskins share their real-world experiences helping to transform millions of lives, communities, and businesses around the world to show people how to be the change the world needs and help others do the same.

Persuasive Gaming in Context

Computer games. Psychological aspects

Psychology Guide

This guide is intended for students interested in psychology, who are doing research for assignments, projects and other works. Panitza Library provides a rich collection of print and online resources in psychology and related subjects.

The information is organized in the following sections: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, Books, eBooks, Articles. You can also find other related resources on the Library website: