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Researcher Identity & Impact

This guide is designed to assist you with expanding the impact of your research by developing your researcher profile and explaining how metrics work.

Disciplinary Impact

The research across disciplines is related, however, there are fundamental differences in measuring the impact in different disciplines that should not be overlooked.

  • The Sciences (Biomedical sciences; Mathematics; Physics; Computer Science): mainly articles; monographs (in the fields of mathematics and physics); importance of the journal impact factor; altmetrics (becoming popular among biomedical sciences).
  • The Social Sciences (Communications; Political science; History): both qualitative (history, communication) and quantitative methods (psychology); journal articles output; altmetrics (not very popular, except in communications).
  • Arts and humanities (English and the Humanities; Dance and Arts): challenging for impact measurement due to the creative aspect of output; mostly books; altmetrics can be beneficial.