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Public Records in Bulgaria: Access to Information


Access to Information Program

This program has been established in 1996 to improve the access to information situation in Bulgaria.

The Goals of Access to Information Programme are:

  • to assist the exercise of the right of access to information
  • to encourages the citizens’ demand for government held information through civic education in the freedom of information area
  • to advocate for enhanced transparency in the work of public institutions at central and local level

The website provides information about the legislation, projects, news, upcoming events and provides legal assistance, trainings and publications.

For Journalists

Acces to Information and Journalistic Investigation

This website is developed by the Access to Information Program specifically for journalists. It again provides information about the legislation, it describes legal cases led by journalists regarding access to information, current lawsuits, procedures for requesting access to inormation, resources, films, links and others.

"The Access to Public Information Act (APIA) is an effective tool in the work of journalists. Through APIA journalists have access to important information for the disclosure of abuse, corruption or is essential to solve concrete problems affecting the public."

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