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Subject Guide

This guide is intended for faculty to supplement the teaching, and provide instruction on resources, services and tools. Panitza Library provides a rich collection of print and online resources.

Temporary Working Policy for Faculty - Spring 2021

Please consider the following if you are sharing locally digital copies on your class Canvas space:

  • All copies should be restricted to course participants only, and uploading them to the Canvas specific space fulfills this requirement. Deletion at the end of the semester is a must.
  • Please do not copy entire texts; limit copies to what is absolutely necessary to complete your pedagogical purpose. If you need the entire book for example for the purposes of the lectures, finals, state exams, fair use could apply during this time, but you must weigh the four factors of fair use and assess the risk. The fair use analysis for amount, for example, is to use as much as necessary to serve your purpose.
  • If possible, make the PDF copies read-only and /or prohibit the download options, so that that the student is not able to download, forward, or print the image.
  • In case you do not feel comfortable relying on Fair Use statements and practices, we suggest choosing an alternative content – Open Educational resources.
  • Please keep in mind that copies of materials (like downloaded/uploaded files, scanned physical documents) can present some copyright issues, but they are not different from deciding whether to share certain content when you are meeting with your class in person.

Subject Guide

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