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HTY310 History of Christianity: Home

About the Guide

This guide is created to instruct students taking HTY310 History of Christianity the research and analytical skills needed to find, evaluate and use information effectivelly.

Course Description: Content & Learning Strategies


This course has been designed to meet the necessity that AUBG students interested in the history of Christianity be progressively and thoroughly introduced into an educated modern person's adequate explanation of our civilization’s past and present. This history is not only rich in events; directly or indirectly, in a union of in a clash, in war and peace it has shaped the whole of the political, social, cultural, ideological, and even scientific, juridical, etc. development of more nations and states than any other civilization through the whole of the human history. Our approach will be necessarily a thematic survey of Christian history over the last 2,000 years, because in the course of only one semester we can cover only the most essential (and significant up to the present day) events and developments. Consequently, students’ choice of topics for papers, class presentations, and discussions will be essential to deal with as many issues as we can.



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