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HTY 306:Topics in Ottoman History: Women in an Islamic State: Home

About the Guide

There are several levels of instruction in history:

1. The subject matter – facts, people, places, events, dates;

2. Interpretation;

3. Research and analytical skills students must learn to find information and create their interpretations.

This guide is created to instruct students taking Topics in Ottoman History: Women in an Islamic State those research and analytical skills needed to find, evaluate and use information effectivelly.

General Information about the course

The course aims at providing an insight into life in an Islamic state from the standpoint of women, the Ottoman Empire serving as the major case study. It will discuss the role of women in political life, with a focus on the Ottoman Palace (the Harem), in the economy, in political, social, cultural and everyday life, in short women from the various social strands, free and slaves, as well as non-Muslim. Special attention will be paid to the changes in the social status of women with the advent of the reforms in the Empire in the 19th-beginning of the 20th century, and modernity.

Goals and objectives

  1. Students are introduced to a number of historical notions with respect to gender relations as postulated in the Qur’an and their evolution over the history, with a focus on their framework and functioning in the specific situation in the Ottoman Empire, 14th to beginning of the 20th century;
  2. Introduction to the ‘voice’ of a subaltern group and to everyday life in the period as seen through their experience.
  3. Develop skills of analytical and critical analysis of primary sources and secondary literature especially with a view of the existing prejudicial views about women in Islam.
  4. Develop research skills in the course of writing the essays: selecting relevant bibliography, methodology, stages in writing a research paper.


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