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About the Guide

This guide has been created to help students taking BUS403 Service Marketing course in finding secondary data.

About the Course

This course in Services Marketing is intended to broaden your view of marketing, to give you an understanding of how marketing is practiced in service organizations, and how marketing has changed in recent years. The course will examine marketing in industries that deal primarily in services, but also from the perspective of all organizations, in recognition of the fact that service is an integral part of the offerings of every company and organization, regardless of the sector in which it operates.

The course will apply the principles of services marketing to organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. It will examine marketing in service organizations and the issues that arise from the differences between the marketing of tangible products and the marketing of services. It will also address the need for understanding consumer behavior as it applies to the purchase of services and to the interaction between customers and service providers. Consequently, a solid understanding of and appreciation for consumer behavior will be helpful in this course.

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