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HTY305 Early Slav History and Culture: Citation


In the process of writing the paper, you are going to use the knowledge and works of other writers and researchers. Whenever you do that you will need to document your source

Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words states that, “plagiarism is taking the words or ideas of someone else and pass it off as one’s own”.

How to avoid plagiarism

How to Avoid Plagiarism

1. Give yourself ample time for profound research.

2. Take careful notes of sources used, so that you do not forget them by time you need to include them in your bibliography.

3. Allow yourself sufficient time for revising your paper.

4. Check your Writing professors' syllabuses. Most of them include enough information on research and writing and how to paraphrase and quote.

Most popular citation styles

MLA Style – Modern Languages Association style - literature, arts, and humanities.

APA Style– American Psychological Association style - psychology, education, and other social sciences

Chicago Style – The Chicago Manual of Style - used with all subjects in the "real world" by books, magazines, newspapers, and other non-scholarly publication

Library Citation Games

Check out the Citation Tic-Tac-Toe Game and the APA and MLA Citation Game in the Library Games subject guide for a more interactive and fun way to learn how to cite your sources.

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