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HTY305 Early Slav History and Culture: Home

About the Guide

This guide is created to instruct students taking HTY305 Early Slav History the research and analytical skills needed to find, evaluate and use information effectivelly.

Course Description

     The course has been designed to give students with interests and/or specialization in history a thorough understanding of the Slavs as a cultural and linguistic European phenomenon. It will give them a clearer picture of the role of the Slavs in European history and the Slavic legacy and equip them to understand and appreciate the diversity that exists among the Slavs today. A strong emphasis will be placed on the basic theoretic concepts of the origins of the Slavic peoples, Proto-Slavic and the homeland problem, early Slavic ethnic and linguistic groups, the migrations and the dissolution of the “Proto-Slavs”, emergence of the Slavic languages, peoples and their earliest states and cultures, Slavic mythology and the South Slav bardic tradition, the role of Christianity, and early Slavic state formation. All these topics reflect the necessity that AUBG students be progressively and thoroughly introduced into an educated modern person's appreciation and adequate explanation of the human past and specifically of the significant part of Eastern Europe in question. Scholastic knowledge of cultural legacy is essential for a more conscious appreciation of the moral, intellectual and creative achievements of all Western civilization at large.

Students will be encouraged to discuss current cultural, political, etc. development of all Slavic nations and states.


Subject Guide