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AUBG Faculty Bibliography: Leonard, Lynnette

Lynnete Leonard

Associate Professor (JMC)

Office: BAC 301

Phone: +359 73 888 475



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Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

Leonard, L. G., Sherblom, J. C., Withers, L. A., & Smith, J. S. (2015). Training effective virtual teams: Presence, identity, communication openness, and conversational interactivity. Connexions, 3(1), 11-45. 

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Book Reviews

Leonard, L. G. (2019). [Review of the book Lydia Sigourney: Critical essays and cultural views, by M. Mary Louise Kete & Elizabeth Petrino (Eds.)]. Early American Literature, 54(2), 545-550.


Leonard, L. (2006). A rebel in conservative clothes: The rhetorical theory and practice of Lydia Sigourney. University of Kansas.